I’m halfway through ACT 2 and I am so Proud of myself

aww yeah it took a while to get into it but I started reading Homestuck again

I’m only on Act 2 but it’s good I like reading it (even though it’s so long jesus but sure it will be worth it in the end )

It really is an interesting story though, ¬†and I can’t wait to find out more (like where is Dad Egbert and what the fuck in the world is happening??)

I was CONVINCED it was all super complicated plot lines throughout but then Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff happened anD I LOST IT

so yeah, so far I’ve learned John is hilarious when he gets angry and shakes his little fists (on the occasions when he has arms ) harlequins are cool when they’re not monster sprite things or whatever you call them , puppets are creepy (but LIL’ CAL is the creepiest I don’t trust that puppet) Dave is the most ironic and kool dude out there with sick rhymes/beats and Rose is just wonderful all together

oh and I think Betty Crocker is an important part of the plot?? Or she will be eventually no one in this seems to like her except for Johns Dad

as long as none of the characters I grow to love die any time soon it’ll ah-okay!!

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